I am a writer. First and foremost, over the course of my life so far, that has been the thing that has never changed.

I am also Christo-Pagan with Buddhist and New Age and New Thought influences. To elaborate on the Paganism part a bit, since that strikes me as a bigger and more eclectic umbrella than the other religious categories I mentioned – I’m a (mostly) hard polytheist with some syncretism, and an animist. I am heavily, deeply attached to my bioregion. I still consider myself a witch, though I am not Wiccan. I also am a member of two neo-Druid orders, AODA and ADF. I joined them in that order, almost a year apart. I have not done much in the latter organization and I have not progressed through degrees or levels in either, though I maintain current membership in both orders.

I am also a musician, though not a great one at this point, and a craftsperson. I enjoy knitting, listening to music, rain, and I love reading. I’m a nature lover and an animal lover and I’m especially fond of the beach and my own pets in particular.

I am transgender (female to male). As I write this, I have taken only the first steps in my transition. Please use male pronouns when referring to me. I am also pansexual, though that is largely irrelevant, as I am content with the relationships I have. While I’m on the subjects of gender, sexuality, and intimacy, I will mention that I’m kinky and involved in consensual power exchange. I say this in case it comes up in other areas of my blog. However, I am a very private person and have become more private over the years. Don’t expect a lot of sexy talk. Potential posts on the subject will likely mention the matter in passing, or deal more with mechanics. If anything graphic comes up, I plan on making private posts.

I am polyfidelitous with two people. One of my partners is polyamorous, the other is monogamous. The three of us live together with four cats and a dog. There is also a feral cat colony in our yard.

I have multiple chronic illnesses. I have been dealing with mental illnesses for as long as I can remember, with varying degrees of success. In the past few years I have become intimately acquainted with chronic illnesses that affect other parts of my body besides my mind. As a side effect, that also includes chronic pain, though not nearly as much, as badly, or as constant as many people experience it. The biggest of my chronic illnesses is life-threatening, as are some of my mental illnesses in a way, though in different ways (as they can cause suicidal thoughts and general malaise). I also have an autism spectrum learning disability that was diagnosed in my teens. I used to have an extremely high IQ in most areas along with the verbal version of eidetic memory , but illness and the accompanying brain fog and memory loss have taken a heavy toll on my mind. However, I am very grateful for what I still retain.

I am currently on disability and not able to work outside of our home, though I occasionally do freelance transcription work when I can. I am also hoping to start a home business or two soon, and I would like to get back into writing again.

Some other random bits of information about me are:

  • My favorite book genres are fantasy, literature, poetry, and mythology. I do enjoy a lot of non-fiction as well, especially natural history, history, Pagan topics and some memoirs.
  • While we don’t have cable television, my favorite movie and television genres are science-fiction, fantasy, and documentaries. I also especially like shows having to do with nature and animals.
  • I used to really enjoy video games, though I don’t as much anymore and I almost never play them. My favorite genres are/were turn-based RPGs, simulation games, strategy games, and the odd platformer.
  • I feel the same about tabletop RPGs and trading card games and while I still don’t play them as much as I used to, it’s slightly more, and while I don’t care about them anywhere near as much as I used to, I still do considerably more than I now care about video games and I miss them much more. My favorite tabletop games were/are D&D, Serenity (based on Firefly), and an RPG one of my partners came up with. My favorite trading card game is MtG and I was really into Pokemon in my pre-teens and early teens.
  • I strive to be honorable, though sometimes with less success than I would like and fairness is something that is really, really important to me as well as loyalty and integrity.
  • Politically, I am mostly very liberal, with a few moderate and conservative sprinklings. One of my partners describes me as politically liberal, but personally conservative and I think that describes me very well in many ways.
  • I’m an extremely creative person, but I also do best with lots of structure in some areas of my life.
  • The genres I write in most frequently are poetry, fantasy, and general fiction. I also write some non-fiction.
  • I am very much a counter-culture person, mostly goth, but some other things as well. But how I express that has mostly mellowed a lot over the years.
  • In addition to social anxiety, I am naturally an extreme introvert.

I have many other blogs that I may or may not link to and from on this blog and/or on those blogs. Most of them are private and most of both the private and public blogs have either no posts, or very few. I had planned on (and still plan on, to an extant) maintaining separate blogs for different areas of my life – writing, goth, illness, different aspects of my Paganism, etc. But setting up all of the blogs was taxing. Many of the posts I wanted to write fit into more than one category and would have needed cross-posting or for me to pick a blog. There were a bunch of other complications too. For example, a blog that I’d intended to be mostly for the witchcraft aspects of my practice became mostly a blog about writing and for general life updates. There are at least two blogs which I probably will eventually link to on here – the blogs I specifically created to hold documentation for my Druid order completions. However, as of right now there is little on either of them. I’m not one hundred percent sure that I’ll stick with Druidry and right now there seems to be another path that is pulling me more strongly.So while I will maintain most and maybe all of those blogs and link or cross-post to them when something is especially appropriate to them if I feel like it, I’ll put most of my posts here and I hope this becomes my primary blog.



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