Comment Policy

I welcome and appreciate comments. However, I may not frequently respond to them. It often takes me a significant amount of time, energy, and effort to complete even the simplest of tasks. Additionally, sometimes brain fog does not allow me to reply to something adequately and sometimes social anxiety stops me from conversing. I also can not multi-task well – not even for general life stuff – so sometimes things come up that are very important to me (like family matters or doctors appointments) and I consequently don’t check on my blogs for a long time. However, I will try to reply when I can if a response is appropriate and I do enjoy reading what others have to say.

The rest of this page was largely inspired by a page one of my favorite bloggers put up. You can read the original here and I highly recommend it, especially as she expresses herself much more eloquently on the matter than I can right now.

Like the original poster, I am part of an order that stresses hospitality as a religious obligation (it is one of the nine virtues in ADF) though I am not nearly as heavily involved in ADF as she is. However, hospitality is something that is incredibly important to me. But boundaries are also an issue for me and I am often too hospitable. As a consequence of that and several other factors my hospitality has been taken advantage of and many of my boundaries have been run roughshod over. Part of my intention with this blog is is to create a safe space for myself (and others, but especially for me) online and maintain the boundaries I set for it where I can write, think, and communicate as I choose and am able to.

Like the original poster, I am privileged in many ways. I am also a member of many minority groups and groups that are discriminated against and I associate in various ways with people who are both more and less privileged than I. I won’t tolerate racism, sexism, transphobia, Islamophobia, etc. Basically no bigotry.

There are couple more caveats, as well. First try to always be polite to each other while posting here. Second, that politeness extends to me.

In a similar thread, if you are Pagan and posting about how I’m not Pagan enough because one of my Gods is the Christian one, a polytheist with similar complaints about how I’m not a real polytheist because of that or my New Thought, witchcraft, and Buddhist influences, or a member of an Abrahamic religion who posts that I’m going to Hell, or tries to convert me, I will delete your comments.

I’ll initially leave comments unmoderated, except for some spam-filtering. If it becomes a problem, I’ll start moderating comments before allowing them to be posted. If comments break the rules I laid out for them, I’ll delete them. I have been fortunate in that on my other blogs, including one from years ago that was fairly well read for its size and duration, I seldom, if ever had problems with commenters. However, communication over the internet seems to have become more combative over the last few years, especially on blogs, and especially on Pagan and trans*/GNC /Non-binary blogs, and we also currently have a very tense political climate in the USA, which is where I’m writing from. Bearing that in mind, I will create a stricter comment policy if I need to. Thank you for reading and for commenting.